Can I come by the warehouse to pickup an order. If yes, how long does it take to process the order?

Orders may be picked up rather than shipped.  Orders pick ups can be done at our warehouse.  Our address is:

620 Haines
Liberty MO 64068

Pick ups can be done Monday thru Friday (except major holidays - New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or  Christmas) between 830am and 345pm local time except between 11am-noon when are closed for lunch. We would need at least one (1) hour from the time you place the order before it will likely be ready for pick up.

Please note that we are a warehouse and not a retail store. We are not insured to have customers in the warehouse.

Can we come shop the warehouse?

No - we are not open to the public. We are a warehouse and not a retail store. We are not insured to have customers in the warehouse.

Can you check and see if you have [AN ITEM] in your backroom/hidden stock/etc?

All our items available for sale are listed at Our items for sale are all listed with real time inventory status so you know exactly what is in stock. We do not have any secret inventory/hidden stock/secret stash/etc.

Can you please set aside one of [an item] so I can order later?

No - we use a real time inventory system. Either an item is available for purchase or is on an order.

How can I be notified when an out of stock item is back in stock?


Is what is available for sale actually in stock?

Unlike most other online hobby retailers, we are not an ordering service as we actually stock everything we sell (except items specifically noted as not in stock or pre-orders). The webstore lists, in real-time, what is in stock in our warehouse (not our suppliers') and available for purchase. Inventory quantities automatically update after each and every order is placed. With this system, you get what you order each and every time.

All items are subject to prior sale while it is in your shopping cart. Shopping cart periodically checks what is in your cart for availability. If an item becomes unavailable while it is in your cart, it will be removed from your cart and you will receive a notification that this has occurred. The only way to “reserve” an item is to complete checkout successfully. Upon success checkout, the item(s) will be transferred from open inventory (inventory that anyone may purchase) to your Order.

We have a fill rate of over 99.9%. It is not 100% because every once in a while we cannot find an item that is supposed to be in stock. This usually is the result of human error. It does not happen very often, but it does once in a while.

My credit card was declined when I tried to place an order online, can I call in the order for you to accept my credit card?  Why is my credit card being declined?

If you credit card was declined online, your credit card will be declined if we put it in as well. This is because Sprue Brothers Models LLC (SBM) has no decision whatsoever in whether a credit card is accepted or declined. That decision is made solely between your credit card issuing bank in conjunction with our credit card processor (one of the largest in the US).

Typical reasons for a declined credit card includes:

1) billing address used in your order does not match the billing address your bank has on file;
2) an incorrect CVV code (3 digit code on back of card) was entered;
3) insufficient credit limit (or funds, if a debit card);
4) your bank believes it is a suspicious transaction.

Sometimes a reason for a declined card is provided (such as an "AVS mismatch" which means the billing address provided does not match the one on file at your bank), but more often a reason is not provided. The only way to possibly determine the reason is for you to contact the credit card issuing bank (call the toll free number on the back of the card) and ask them.

My order was shipped to the wrong address. Can you assist?

Depending on the shipper, it is possible to have the package re-directed to the correct address. At this time, only UPS and FedEx offers such as service. The service is not guaranteed. Also, there is a fee for this service. The fee amount depends on where the package needs to be re-directed to.

For the US Postal Service - if the package is returned to us, we will contact you for instructions on how you want to handle the returned package.

Who has to pay for costs associated with re-directing or re-shipping an order depends on who made the error. If Sprue Brothers made the error, we will do whatever necessary, within reason, to correct the error at our expense. However, if the error was made by the purchaser, then purchaser shall be responsible for any cost.

NOTE - when placing an order, you have two opportunities to verify the correct addresses were used in your order. The first is the initial checkout page where you can view the billing and shipping addresses, and second, an order confirmation email with your addresses and what you ordered is emailed to you immediately after you complete checkout (we receive a copy of this email as well to document the information that was used to place the order). Sprue Brothers ships to the shipping address specified in the order. As we have no way of knowing an address that you specified in an order is incorrect, we are not responsible for any orders shipped to the shipping address that was specified in the order that later is reported as an incorrect address.

What does the net merchandise total mean when determining shipping discounts?

The net total is the amount of the order excluding the shipping cost, but including any discounts.

For example, if you order for 2 kits that adds up to $50 excluding shipping cost, but you have a coupon for a $5 discount applied to the order, the net total of this order is $45.00. Your final total is this net amount plus the shipping cost.

What is your phone number?

NOTE - phone service is temporarily suspended due to insufficient staff.  If you need assistance, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within one (1) business day if possible.  Please be aware that this is sometimes not possible due to workload, staffing issues (this is a significant issue since COVID as we have been almost continuously short staffed in the office since 2020), other real world issues, etc.  We will respond to all inquiries as soon as humanly possible.  Also please be aware that the office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and most holidays.


You did not indicate the reason for wanting the phone number. Please be advised of the following:

- Inventory levels are shown in real time on our website. If you need to know if something is in stock, the website is accurate.

- Credit card information is processed via the internet whether you place the order on your computer or call it in for us to process.

- If it is regarding a customer service issue, please email us at or let us know what it is here.

- Please be aware that we have no one dedicated to answer the phone as virtually all the orders we receive are via the internet, and most customer service issues are handled via email. If no one answer, either try again or leave a message and we can call you back.

- Please note that on the first workday of the week (usually Monday), we are focused on getting all the orders from the weekend shipped, thus phones are typically not answered on this day.  Please email us at if you need assistance.