Condition of Merchandise

Unless specifically noted, we sell only new items received from the various manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers worldwide. Typically a certain percentage of the merchandise received has minor defects (such as blemishes, scratches, dings, scuffs, etc) that are cosmetic only and have no impact on your ability to building the kit or enjoy the reference book/tool, etc.  Thus it is possible an item you order may have minor defects (such as blemishes, scratches, dings, scuffs, etc.) that do not impact your ability to build the kit or enjoy the reference book/tool, etc. The presence of minor defects is not considered a defect. We understand some customers want to buy an item as a collectible; however it is our policy that we do not sell collectibles and we do not represent in any manner that any item purchased from us is in perfect condition with no minor defects to the packaging/box/etc.. If you desire to purchase an item in “perfect” condition, you should considering another retailer and we do not selectively send items in a certain condition to any certain customer. Our staff pulls “the next one on the stack” for fill an order, and that is the one that is used to fill such order.

Minimum Order

We do not have any minimum order requirement.


Any sales/discounts/specials/etc (collectively called “sales”) that we run are effective only for orders placed (checkout successfully completed) during the sale period. Sales may end at any time without any prior notice. Sales are effective only for in stock items and do not apply to any special orders or pre-orders/back-orders.  Odds & Ends items (i.e. any items found within this category or its subcategories: https://spruebrothers.com/odd-ends/) are not included in any sales or promotions.

Note - you may not cancel an existing order placed prior to the sale period and re-order under the sales price for the same item(s). Thus, any items re-ordered under a sales price from an order cancelled during the sales period will not be honored and is subject to cancellation. This is simply unfair to the customers who pay quickly. There is no exception to this so please do not ask.

Price/Description Changes

All prices, pictures and descriptions on this site are subject to change without any prior notice.

Sprue Brothers Models LLC maintains no responsibility for inadvertent or typographical errors. In the event of an error, we reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at our sole discretion.


Estimated dates of arrival are based on the most current information provided to us by our suppliers. Dates of arrival are beyond our control and are subject to change.

Payment is completed when the pre-order is placed.  By placing a pre-order, you are authorizing us to take payment immediately knowing that the pre-ordered item is not currently in stock nor available.

Shipping costs may estimated and will be finalized once the actual weight/dimensions of the kit is known. Thus we reserve the right to revise the shipping cost/method, if necessary. Any increases up to US$3.00 will be done without prior approval. We will contact you for approval of any changes of US$3.00 or more.

We will hold any in stock items placed with a pre-order and/or any pre-ordered items as they arrive (if placed in an order with more than one pre-ordered item).  If you want an in stock item(S) shipped prior to the pre-ordered item(s) arriving, you need to place a separate order for the in stock item(S).

New Customers

"New customers" are customers who have placed three (3) or fewer orders with us, and/or have been customers for less than ninety (90) days. Due to the significantly increased amount of fraud in the world today, additional requirements of new customers are as follows:

  • If paying by credit card, we can only ship to the billing address. 
  • If PayPal, we can only ship to your PayPal verified shipping address (as specified on your PayPal payment). 
  • If payment is via check, the check must clear prior to shipment. 
  • Also, new customers could be asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to, a copy of your state issued identification card, and (if paying via credit card) a copy of the front and back of the payment card.

Customer Service

If you have a customer service issue, please email us at help@spruebrothers.com.  Please be sure to tell us: your Name, Email Address, Order Number, Item/SKU you are contacting us about; and the what the Question/Issue/Problem/Etc with this item (please be specific and include any relevant pictures if possible).

Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within one (1) business day if possible.  Please be aware that this is sometimes not possible due to workload, staffing issues (this is a significant issue since COVID as we have been almost continuously short staffed in the office since 2020), other real world issues, etc.  We will respond to all inquiries as soon as humanly possible.  Also please be aware that the office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and most holidays.