AMM7302 AMMO by Mig Dio Drybrush Paint Set Rust Colors

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This set includes 4 Dio Drybrush colours to apply the drybrush technique on any type of model, groundwork and accessories painted in grey tones quickly and easily.

This set includes the essential colours necessary for this technique, saving on unnecessary complexity and jars. With these 4 colours modeler may use this advanced technique without the need for complicated mixtures and having always the colours used in any step of the process. These acrylic paints are formulated for maximum performance with the drybrush technique, with the ideal density and specific characteristics that make it the best type of paint for this painting technique.

Includes the following colours:

AMM0610 DRYBRUSH Light Rust
AMM0611 DRYBRUSH Medium Rust
AMM0618 DRYBRUSH Chipping

DIO DRYBRUSH jars have a very wide mouth to facilitate the introduction of all brush types and contains colour for many projects. In addition, the paint is water-based and easy to clean, non-toxic and odourless. These colours dry very quickly to the touch in a few minutes and are not affected by enamel and oil washes.

The application method is very simple and is comprised of only three easy steps:

The application method is very simple and is comprised of only three easy steps:
Dab the brush directly into the jar and load with a moderate amount of paint.
Remove the excess paint onto an absorbent surface.
Gently rub the brush over the surface details of the model to highlight them and enhance the volume.

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