AMM7701 AMMO by Mig Solutions Box - IDF Vehicles Colors and Weathering System

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  • AMM7701 AMMO by Mig Solutions Box - IDF Vehicles Colors and Weathering System
  • AMM7701 AMMO by Mig Solutions Box - IDF Vehicles Colors and Weathering System
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SOLUTION BOX is a complete and comprehensive system which will guide you to carry out the complete painting and weathering process on your models. This includes both the application of the primer layer and the camouflage colours, as well as the different painting and weathering effects. The correct products and colours are included for applying filters, washes, fading and highlights with oils, streaking, chipped paint, dust, dirt and mud, and even oil and fuel stains.

SOLUTION BOX is not your ordinary paint set, it is a complete painting and weathering system with which you will be able to complete the entire painting and finishing process on your models, from the application of the primer coat and camouflage colours, each weathering effect including filters, washes, streaking, chipped paint, dust & dirt, to the last details such as mud stains and oil & fuel stains. The perfect manual for quickly painting and weathering IDF vehicles. Thanks to the Solution Book guide included in the set, you will be able to follow along with each step in a simple and intuitive manner to correctly apply each different weathering product to easily create realistic effects. This new package includes all the paints and weathering products, as well as the brushes needed to paint models of Israel Defense Forces (IDF)'s vehicles. This innovative set contains everything you need except the model! A great idea for novice modellers who are just beginning to dabble in the hobby or for those more experienced who want to have a straightforward resource with everything they require in one box without having to select and source each product one by one.

SOLUTION BOX IDF offers you everything required to paint and weather your models of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). You will not only find the necessary paints, weathering products and brushes, but also the IDF Solution Book, a complete guide with more than 40 pages explaining how to apply each effect on any Israeli vehicle step by step. The box includes the most common Israeli camouflage colour, Real IDF Sina?? Gray '82 A.MIG-0131. If you want to paint vehicles with other camouflage schemes, you can find the correct range in our 6 colour set Israel Defense Forces A.MIG-7163, or as individual paint bottles in our extensive acrylic catalogue. The effects and weathering products included in the box are applicable to any style of Israeli camouflage you choose.

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