GRXGGS1 Grex Airbrush Grip Set #GGS1

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The Grex airbrush grip is an innovative accessory for any ordinary airbrush that provides better handling, control and comfort.

- Increases holding area of airbrush to provide better handling, control and comfort.
- Reduces hand cramps and fatigue for increased painting time.
- Lightweight durable plastic grip adds strength without a lot of extra weight.
- Simple three piece set easily and quickly installs onto airbrush.
- Fits all Grex airbrushes and most popular airbrush brands/models.
- Ideal for airbrush users with chronic hand problems such as arthritis.
- Can help make using an airbrush easier for novices.



0.53 oz. (15g) includes Grip and Valve Extension

3.0" (7.6cm)

5.5" (14cm)

0.75" (1.9cm)

Fits the following Grex airbrushes:
Genesis.XD, Genesis.XN, Genesis.XG, Genesis.XS,

Grex Grip Airbrush Compatibility:
The Grex GGS1 Airbrush Grip can fit most airbrushes that are NOT bottom fed. Listed below are popular airbrush brands that can accomodate the GGS1. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we will continue to update it as new brushes are introduced or changed.

Olympos HP-100A
Olympos MP 200-A
Olympos SP-A
Olympos F10
Olympos 101
Olympos 100-B
Olympos MP 200-B
Olympos SP-B
Olympos HP 100-C
Olympos MP 200-C
Olympos SP-C
Richpen 112 A
Richpen 112 B
Richpen 112 C
Richpen 313 C
Richpen 212 A
Richpen 212 B
Richpen 212 C
Tuulshed/Zhipp ZH-660A
Tuulshed/Zhipp ZH-660C
Tuulshed/Zhipp ZH-330A
Tuulshed/Zhipp ZH-330C
Tuulshed/Zhipp ZH-550A
Sparmax 103C  Iwata CM-SB
Iwata HP-A Plus
Iwata CM-A
Iwata Hi-line HP-AH
Iwata HP-AS Eclipse
Iwata HP-AR Revolution
Iwata HP-B Plus
Iwata CM-B
Iwata Hi-line HP-BH
Iwata HP-BS
Iwata HP-SBS
Iwata HP-BR Revolution
Iwata HP-C Plus
Iwata CM-C
Iwata CM-C+
Iwata Hi-line HP-CH
Iwata HP-CS Eclipse
Iwata HP-CR Revolution
Sata Satagraph 1
Sata Satagraph 2
Sata Satagraph 3
Sogolee C
Sogolee B
Sogolee A 
AirbrushCity GD-100
AirbrushCity GD-102
AirbrushCity 2006GF
AirbrushCity 2007GF
PrecisionPro XFS
Precision Pro APT
PrecisionPro Trio XFS
Precision/U.K. AB-180
Precision/U.K. AB-135
Precision/U.K. A-660
Precision/U.K. AB-124
Precision/U.K. AB-130A
Precision/U.K. LT-C550
Precision/U.K AB-132
Precision/U.K. AB-132A
Precision/Taiwan BD-180
Precision/Taiwan BD-135
Precision/Taiwan BD-135C
Precision/Taiwan BD-130B
Precision/Taiwan BD-133A
Precision/Taiwan AB-124A
Precision/Taiwan AB180  

Due to their larger body sizes, the GGS1 will not fit:
Omni, Vega, and Paasche airbrushes.

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