ICM48407 1:48 ICM WW2 British Aircraft Armament

  • ICM48407 1:48 ICM WW2 British Aircraft Armament
  • ICM48407 1:48 ICM WW2 British Aircraft Armament
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During the Second World War, RAF aircraft used a wide range of suspended aircraft weapons. Depending on the mission, bombers and torpedo bombers could use bombs, torpedoes, or sea mines. The bomb armament consisted of several dozen models, among which the most common in the first half of the war were GP bombs, which could be of different weights, ranging from 40 to 4000 pounds. Later, MS-type bombs were produced, which had a higher ratio of explosive to bomb weight. For attacks on warships and transports, naval aviation and Coastal Command aircraft could use SAP semi-armor-piercing bombs. All types of bombs were most often colored dark green, but yellow bombs were also used in the early part of the war. In addition to bombs, RAF aircraft also used torpedoes during combat missions at sea. British aviation also mined enemy ports and harbor routes from the air, using airborne sea mines.

– The kit includes British 250-pound GP, MC, and SAP bombs, 500-pound GP and MC bombs, a bomb carrier, an aircraft sea mine, and an aircraft torpedo with torpedo carriage.

– The kit can be used in conjunction with ICM’s BristolBeaufort or other RAF aircraft from the Second World War period.

– The kit includes stickers with markings for different types of bombs.

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