Real Time Inventory

Unlike most other online hobby retailers, we are not an ordering service as we actually stock everything we sell (except items specifically noted as not in stock or pre-orders). The webstore lists, in real-time, what is in stock in our warehouse (not our suppliers') and available for purchase. Inventory quantities automatically update after each and every order is placed. With this system, you get what you order each and every time.

All items are subject to prior sale while it is in your shopping cart. Shopping cart periodically checks what is in your cart for availability. If an item becomes unavailable while it is in your cart, it will be removed from your cart and you will receive a notification that this has occurred. The only way to “reserve” an item is to complete checkout successfully. Upon success checkout, the item(s) will be transferred from open inventory (inventory that anyone may purchase) to your Order.

We have a fill rate of over 99.9%. It is not 100% because every once in a while we cannot find an item that is supposed to be in stock. This usually is the result of human error. It does not happen very often, but it does once in a while.