APA0404 Alpha Abrasives Plastic Sanding Needles - Assorted (150, 240& 320 grit)

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An assortment of our super popular Plastic Sanding Needles. 3 of each grit Fine, Medium, Coarse

Plastic sanding needles are a unique offered by Alpha Precision Abrasives. This product is perfect for getting into those very small areas that are nearly impossible with conventional tools. Ideal for miniaturists who need a tool for fine detail work, these needles give you great control for precision finishing. When even the smallest of modelling chisels are too big for some projects, these plastic sanding needles will be a big relief. Use this product to remove flash (casting seams) in tight corners, compound curves, sculpting miniatures, and decorative work.

Whether you enjoy working with plastic, resin, metal, or wood, sanding needles are designed to make the job easier and give superior results. Sanding Needles are washable, reusable, and excess material left behind can be removed and cleaned using our Abrasive Cleaning Disc adding to performance and extended performance.

The coarsest needle is perfect for the initial stage of the finishing process and can be used to remove deep imperfections or surface defects. The medium needle, used next, allows crafters to smooth and eliminate the coarser scratches created during initial sanding. Finally, the finest sanding needle levels and smooth���s providing a delicate touch that prevents excessive material loss during your final finishing stage.

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