ICM72185 1:72 ICM OV-10A Bronco

OV-10 Bronco
  • ICM72185 1:72 ICM OV-10A Bronco
  • ICM72185 1:72 ICM OV-10A Bronco
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In 1963, the United States announced a competition to develop an airplane for use in limited military conflicts. Its main tasks were to strike ground targets, provide direct air support to its troops, and provide forward surveillance and guidance. The winner of the competition in August 1964 was the project of North America, which was designated OV-10A and given the name Bronco in the armed forces. Combat testing of the aircraft in Vietnam began in the summer of 1968. The aircraft were used very intensively, thanks to their ability to be based on unprepared unpaved airfields and the short time required for re-flight. If necessary, these attack aircraft were able to appear over targets 15 minutes after receiving a request from ground units, and this distinguished them from jet combat aircraft. During combat missions, the OV-10As demonstrated high efficiency and good combat survivability, becoming a kind of benchmark for anti-guerrilla attack aircraft. The OV-10A Bronco’s combat operations continued after the end of the Vietnam War, and these aircraft were successfully used by air forces around the world.

– The first OV-10A Bronco by ICM in 1/72 scale. 100% new molds.
– The model is reproduced in compliance with the geometric proportions of the real aircraft.
– High level of detail of the fuselage, component, and equipment elements.
– The set includes suspended aircraft weapons – bombs, unguided missiles, and tanks with an incendiary mixture.
– Includes decals for 4 variants of Vietnam War markings.

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